South Asia

Boom Bip – Roads Must Roll  (USA)

Mulatu Astatke – Blue Nile  (Ethiopia)

Los Saicos – Camisa de Fuerza  (Peru)

Juanjo Domínguez – Faseando  (Argentina)

Srba Ivanovic – Povratka Nema  (Serbia)

Yungchen Llamo – Khyab Sangye  (Tibet)

Syriana – The Road to Damascus  (Syria)

Cem Karaca – Obur Dunya  (Turkey)

Silver Dapple – Slip Stitch  (Canada)

Snowman – White Wall  (Australia)

TV on the Radio – Forgotten  (USA)

Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings – Make it Good to Me  (USA)

South Asia:

Guruh Gipsy – Barong Gundah  (Indonesia)

Go Chic – Hard Date  (Taiwan)

Mandalay Sein Mottah – Lover of Smiling Girls  (Myanmar)

The Son of P.M. – Koisin Ching  (Thailand)

Sim Sisamouth – Don’t Let My Girlfriend Tickle Me!  (Cambodia)

Prum Manh – Two Wives are Twice the Problem  (Cambodia)

Jodi in the Morning Glory Parade – Sun Flowers  (Indonesia)

Bomba Estéreo – La Nina Rica  (Colombia)

Long Long Long – Nothing a Little Tonic & Combing Can’t Fix  (Canada)

Terakaft – Iswegh Atay  (Mali)

Afrodizz – Bombé  (Canada)

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