Slam Dunk – Only Fun  (Canada)
Robert Mavounzy Quartet – Henri Te Vlé Mayé  (Guadeloupe)
Sidi Touré – Ni See Ay Ga Done  (Mali)
Parliament – Mothership Connection/Star Child  (USA)
8PRN & Francesca Belcourt – About Me  (Canada)
Frères Bouchenak – Mimouna  (Morocco)
Hontong Daoudon – Toeitokkathoen  (Thailand)
Plastic People of the Universe – Otče, Otče/Father, Father (Czech Republic)
Famous Eno & MC Stitch – All Good FM  (England)
Aesop Rock – ZZZ Top  (USA)
Headspace w/ Nicholas – Up There Somewhere  (Canada)
Триагрутрика – Куда идти после института (Russia)

Kleenex – Ain’t You
Josias Jenny – Haxe-Schottisch
Brainticket – There’s a Shadow watching over you
Sektion Kuchikaschtil – I Han
Breitbild – Nacht
Rumpelstilz – Teddybar
Appenzeller Space Schottl – Zauer, Landlerli, Schottisch
Young Gods – Longue Route
Hang Massive – Beats for your Feet  (UK)
Flamingos – Only Have Eyes for You  (USA)
The Golden Mean – Blown Away  (Canada)
Les Leopards – D’Leau Coco  (Martinique)

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