Mad Professor – African Connection  (Guyana/England)

Seu Jorge – Oh! You Pretty Things  (Brazil)

The Band of the Fiji Police – Mumu Mai  (Fiji)

Sbtrkt – Sanctuary  (England)

Mohamed Mike Hegazi & his Golden Guitar – Hebbena  (Lebanon)

Sage Francis – Makeshift Patriot  (USA)

Kocani Orkestar – l’Orient est Rouge  (Macedonia)

Bo Ningen – Psychedelic Misemono Goyo  (Japan)

The Abstracts – Mahiya  (Pakistan)

Stringband – Mic Mac Song  (Canada)

Chains of Love – Black Hearts  (Canada)


Sugar Plum Fairy – A Man’s Aqueduct 

Loh Tsui Kweh Commune – 慈航普渡  

Magic Power – Get Out

MC Hot Dog – Yes Girl

MC Basso – The Dream 

Cali Mi Mi & the 5 Petals Guitar Band – A Bird like to Play

Arash Howaida – Laila  (Afghanistan)

Staff Benda Bilili – Moto Moindo  (D.R. Congo)

Deela – Azua Azua (Germany)

Garotas Suecas – Codinome Dinamite  (Brazil)

Ben Sures – Gone to Bolivia  (Canada)

Chief Commander Ebenezer Obey – To Ba Je Tere  (Nigeria)

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