The Bahamas

Omar Khorshid – Ommil Habiba  (Egypt)

Dengue Dengue Dengue! – Simiolo  (Peru, 2012)

Pavlos Sidiropoulos – H  (Greece, 1982)

Ledward Kaapana – Pau Hana Slack Key  (Hawaii)

Koby Israelite – Why Don’t You Take My brain and sell it to the night  (Israel, 2013)

Sofia – Barabas  (Bulgaria, 1979)

Baloji with Konono N˚1 – Karibu Ya Bintou  (DR Congo/Belgium, 2010)

Karpatt – Militant  (France, 2006)

La Bottine Souriante – le Ziguezon Zinzou  (Canada, 1982)

John Palmer – Occitune  (Canada, 2012)

Cassius Khan – Garch-e-sau Baar  (Pakistan/Canada)

The Bahamas:

Exuma – The Obeah Man (1970)

Jah Doctrine – Nuff Gal

Ancient Man – I An’t Asking for Much

The Mighty Makers – Exodus

Lavard ‘Manifest’ Parks – Good Times (2012)

Blind Blake Higgs – Wreck of the John B (1952)

Ronnie Butler – Upward, Onward, Forward, Together

Eloise Lewis – I’m a Better Woman Than You

Neon Neon – Mid Century Modern Nightmare (Wales/USA, 2013)

Macaco – Arma de doble filo  (Spain, 2001)

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