The Gambia

Douce France – Faces  (France, 2012)

Umit Tokcan – Uryan Geldim  (Turkey, 1974)

Sophia Ben and The Eagles Lupopo – See Serere  (Kenya, 1970s)

Flaming Lips – Always There, In Our Hearts  (USA, 2013)

Evangelists – Tbiug Saeng [Mosquitos]  (Thailand, 2009)

Music from Vancouver Folk Fest 2013:

Hanggai – Drinking Song  (China, 2008)

Pharis and Jason Romero – Long Gone Out West Blues  (Canada, 2013)

Kaki King – Bowen Island  (USA, 2012)

Nomadic Massive feat. Z’Africa Brazil – Moving Forward  (Canada, 2009)

Mo Kenney – The Happy Song  (Canada, 2012)

Anthony Joseph and the Spasm Band- Started Off As a Dancer  (Trinidad/UK, 2011)

The Gambia:

Bafila – Kelafa (2012)

Super Eagles – Love’s a Real Thing (1969)

Guelewar Band of Banjul – Jilanna (1981)

Omid Wisdom – Wa Gwaan (2011)

Musa M’Boob and Xam Xam – Jahalnama (2008)

Juju – Night Walk (2011)

Ifang Bondi – Karo (1998)

Phone Calls – Tell Her No!  (Canada, 2010)

Chubby Parker – King Kong Kitchie Kitchie Ki-Me-O  (USA, 1920s)

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