:::The first hour of the show includes an interview with Robin Soles and Roberto Cruz, members of Saltspring Island tribal reggae band Silva::

Silva – Totem (Canada, 2014)

Chaca and Dewee – Ole Wao (Tanzania, 2013)

El Barba Dub – Viene de Mi [remix] (Argentina, 2014)

Loquera Tradicion – Te Falta un Poco de Maldad (Mexico, 2014)

Silva – Soon Come (Canada, 2014)

Silva – Ohm Dub (Canada, 2014)


Gyuto Monks – Tantric Choir

Nawang Khechog – Wanting Peace (1988)

Jamyang Yeshi – Thang Khar [White Eagle] (2009)

Choying Drolma and Steve Tibbetts – Kyema Mimin (1997)

Tsering Topten Nelung – Gyälwa Gendün Drub (2005)

Yungchen Lhamo – Lama Dorje Chang [live] (1997)

Vajara – Affectionate Mother (2007)

Dekyi Tsering – Bodpa (2010)

Dolwa Tsendep – Growth (2011)

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