Tunisia (with Blocktreat)

Special Guest: Vancouver-based sonic maestro Brandon ‘Blocktreat’ Hoffman, who debuts tracks from his brand new record, “Traditionals”, and discusses the quirks of creating genre-bending electro-folk music.  We also invent a new term: Post-grass.

Sao Paulo Underground – Rio Negro  (USA/Brazil)
THEESatisfaction – Enchantruss  (USA)
Blocktreat – Right Girl, Wrong Lifetime  (Canada)
Blocktreat – Painted Boat, Oh Painted Boat  (Canada)
Life Without Buildings – The Leanover  (Scotland)
Birdy Nam Nam – Abbesses  (France)
Amadou and Mariam (ft. Santigold) – Dougou Badia  (Mali/USA)
Blocktreat – Elephants  (Canada)
Kantara – Kantara
Mohammed Chaabane – Ya Qasid al Hajj
Si Lemhaf – Gregorius
El General & Imed Jallouili – Ilyoum Echaab Kal Klemou
The Ursula Minor – Silentium Post Clamores
Salah el Ouergli – Bousaadeya / Bahriyya
Blocktreat – Through the Floorboards  (Canada)
Death Grips – Beware  (USA)
Marrakesh – Szla Ludzka Samotnosc  (Poland)
Blocktreat – The Game of Poverty  (Canada)
Earl Scruggs – Earl’s Breakdown  (USA)

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