Turkmenistan (with Zen Junkie)

We are joined in-studio for the duration of the program by Zen Junkie, a Vancouver-based solo artist of monumental scope.  He discusses and presents songs from his debut album, The Good Monster, and performs acoustic versions of unreleased material.

The Electromaniacs – España Cani  (Phillipines)

Zen Junkie – Mine Idle Mind  (Canada)

Zen Junkie – Vocation  {LIVE IN STUDIO}

Refused – Summerholidays vs. Punkroutine  (Sweden)

Kim Janssen – Tors  (Sweden)

Zen Junkie – Siner and Cosiner  (Canada)

William Zeitler – The Fixed Stars, the Frontier to the Beyond  (USA)

Zen Junkie – Scowling Man  {LIVE IN STUDIO}


Yagmyr Nurgeldiyew – Arzuwym 

Firyuza – Ashkhabad

Gunesh Ensemble – Gelin (The Bride)

Darkroom Posse – Mesele

Vostock – Жесткий мир

Fool’s Gold – Surprise Hotel  (USA)

Rikki Ililonga – Love is the Only Way  (Zambia)

Zen Junkie – Crystallize  (Canada)

Minoru Muraoka – The Positive and the Negative  (Japan)

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