World Radio Day

The Avalanches – Radio  (Australia)
Estampie – Stella Splendens  (Germany)
General Elektriks – Raid the Radio  (France)
Radio Palestine {Sublime Frequencies Mix} – Beirut Cocktail/Khartoum Entrée
Radio Sumatra {Sublime Frequencies Mix} – Heavy Rotation
Radio India {Sublime Frequencies Mix} – Radio Delhi #2
Bill Holt’s Dreamies – Program Eleven: Part 1  (USA)
The Paperbacks – Grey Skies  (Canada)
Radio Java {Sublime Frequencies Mix} – Radio Yogyakarta
Kid Koala – Radio Nufonia  (Canada)
Radiohead – Everything in its Right Place  (England)

The second hour features a pair of interviews dedicated to World Radio Day.  The first interview is with Michèle Montas, an award-winning journalist from Haiti, and former head of the French unit of UN Radio.  The second interview is with Sharon Bhagwan-Rolls, a Fijian political activist and founder of a women’s community radio station (femTalk 89.2fm).

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