Barclay James Harvest – Taking Some Time On (England)
African Jazz & Grand Kallé – Parafifi (DR Congo)
FlyzZza – Roksoljana (Ukraine)
St. Kouyioumzi & S. Tsiotou – If It Were 1821 (Greece)
Arts Wells Festival 2012:
Maria in the Shower – Jesus is my Valentine
Karyn Ellis – Even Though the Sky was Falling (One Beautiful Day)
Trevor Tchir – Are We There Yet?
The Flaming Trolleys – Tunnel of Love
Shambhala Festival 2012:
EOTO – Hokiss
Adham Shaikh & Uwe Neumann – The Dreamtree Wobble 2
Astrological – Someone New
Kytami – Vs.
Chris Haambwiila – Kalumbu Song
Alfred Chisala Kalusha Jr. – Moyo Taukali Mucamba
Green Mamba – Moyo Taukali Mucamba
The Witch – Chifundo
Rikki Ililonga & Musi-O-Tunya – Dark Sunrise
Paul Ngozi – Suicide
The Peace – I Have Got No Money

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