Interview with Trad.Attack!

Vancouver’s Folk Music Festival is an amazingly eclectic showcase of bands from around the world – the perfect place to discover young bands before they blow up on the international scene.  On their first Canadian tour, Trad.Attack! were hands-down one of the standout acts at this year’s festival. Mixing ancient Estonian folk music with punk rock virility, they have transformed the Baltic scene and are ready to take over the world – one country at a time.  They also happen to be hilarious and very skilled in the Canadian language.  Hear an exclusive Wandering Rhythms interview with Trad.Attack! right here:

Impromptu background music provided by another Folk Fest delight, Betsayda Machado y la Parranda el Clavo, on their first tour to el norte:

Nordic/Baltic? Bizarre/Blissful!

Let the stereo typecasts and contradictions continue forever & never!  Estonia lies on the cusp of incognition, not quite Nordic, and also not much like the other Baltic nations to the south…  They are a surprisingly progressive nation just doing their thing and reaping the rewards of hovering below the world radar.

But guess what Estonia…  WE SEE YOU!  And yes, you are just as freaky as your Finnish brethren across the gulf.  Thank the Norse Gods!  Jolly accordions, synthesizers from deep space, cellos of catharsis, kannel harps, warped guitar wonkerings…  We barely know you but it could be true love.  Open ears to the sky.