Upcoming Summer Vibes))

Just passing by to share a couple of the summer’s most anticipated African releases.. (well, it’s sort of winter down there- but these are definitely meant for a global audience).

South African DJ Nozinja, creator of a style dubbed ‘Shangaan Electro‘, makes futuristic dance music without compromising any African authenticity.  In another world, he would be as big as Michael Jackson (but so far barely 1000 likes on facebook?!).  Here’s the delightful new video, from his forthcoming debut on Warp Records:

Congolese electric trance orchestra Kasai Allstars release double album ‘Beware the Fetish‘ in late June..  an intoxicating mix of several African cultures, this is music unlike anything else in the solar system.  Visitors will come from Neptune to hear them play..

Considering their ingenuity, it’s rather ridiculous these artists aren’t more popular.  Help spread the good groove to brew in open minds!