A Tropical Tale of Two Martins


Tanny and the Boys String Band rock the old time vibes

We trip this week to the quirky Caribbean island of Saint Martin, shared between the French and the Dutch for nearly 400 years (a wacky legend helps explain how they decided on a border).

Both sides of the island share a common Afro-Caribbean musical history – a love for soca, carnival and string bands. Saint Martians unite under the groove!

The first hour of the show features Afro-funk futurism, Indian jazz, Korean tribal primitivism, Latin psych, Czech ethno-core and more:

The Volatile Emerald Isle


Plymouth by the sea, under the volcano

Oh what a world of surprise isles! Of the many Caribbean beauties, Montserrat has a history unlike any other. Irish-speaking Africans, a world-class rock’n’roll recording studio, a devastating volcano that destroyed the capital and keeps half the island covered in ash and lava flows.

But the music never quits! Sample the good ol’ days of soca, string bands, and the new post-volcanic underground.