Bosnia Rocks at 16,000 Hz

A country of many intertwining traditions… The music of Bosnia is forever linked to the nations surrounding it, which together make up the former Yugoslavia.  This week we welcome our friends Bojan and Zoran to the program, a pair of fearless musical scholars who present us with the history of popular music in Bosnia.

BosniaDuring the 70s and 80s, Sarajevo was the mecca of rock music in the Balkans.  We’re talking stadium-sized guitar riffs and women screaming every word.  Need proof?

We share some of the best bands of this era,  the electric Gypsy sounds that came before it, the most influential composer of the 20th century, and amore.

Listen to the Bosnian feature here.

Listen to the global mix here.



The Legacy of Yugoslavia

This week we radiowave to a great nation of the past.  The Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia existed between 1946 and 1991 before ethnic and political tensions dissolved the SFR into 6 separate Balkan nations.  Some call it Yugo-nostalgia, but this period represented a fascinating mixture of traditions and transitions.  A nation with one eye on Western culture,  the other flirting with Communism.  One foot in pop music of the West, the other in the deep history of Eastern European music.  Expect world-class rock of many breeds.

This program is curated by two friends and musical scholars who grew up in the former Yugoslavia.  On behalf of Mladen and Bojan, we hope you enjoy the trip through time…

And a happy holiday season to all.  We will make it through the darkness with goodwill and love for all beings!  Here’s a little ode to the holiday celebration that gets very little attention while retaining a high degree of integrity: