ABCs in the Caribbean

Just off the coast of Venezuela are 3 beautifully mixed-up islands… Aruba! Bonaire! Curacao!  Welcome to the land of fusion.. the Dutch Caribbean.

Willemstad, Curaçao: too darn cute for words

Willemstad, Curaçao: too darn cute for words

Far removed from the major-player Caribbean islands (and proudly outside of the hurricane belt), the ABC islands are small but full of technicolor goodness.  The culture (and homegrown language, Papiamento) is a mixture of Dutch, Portuguese, African, Spanish, Native Caribbean and English.  The Dutch brought legalized prostitution (you can call it Amsterdam of the tropics) and the rest brought groovy pan-Caribbean music, creating a local style called tumba.  Masha bon!

Hear the ABC Island soundsplash {{HERE}}


A Fullblown Gugak and Yangak Sonic Attack!

All hands and ears are back at the control board this week.  As South Korea is busy launching rockets into space, we have been given the heroic mission of exploring the many peaks and valleys of the South Korean soundscape..  The old (the Gugak), the new (the Yangak), the psychodilly 70s, the drum n bass music of 1672, , the hiphop, the trot, and nary a K-pop song in the lot (we respect you).  Yes, South Korea, in all its world-friendliness, has grown into the sophisticated polar-opposite of its twin (the Korea we don’t talk about).  But for all the modern dilemmas of open and closed minds, the twin Koreas will always share the same Gugak.  History is something you can’t take back.  Ditto for disco funk.

Alright I admit it, we couldn’t fit any Trot into the program.. but it’s an important piece of the Korean puzzle – the first global style to be adapted by Korean musicians, back when the nation was one.  So here’s some good ol’ Japa-merican inspired Foxtrot for you swingers out there:

A Global Garage Party

This week is a turn away from the second-hour-country-focus we usually do. Yes, this week we’re focusing on garage rock instead.
Garage rock has a home where ever it may lay its pretty head. Although the garage rock sound was popularized in the United States, throughout the 1960s one can clearly hear how other nations and cultures appropriated the fuzzy-wuzzy rockin’ sound and really made it their own. Kiara often picks punk music as one of her favourite types of globally translatable forms; therefore, it is only appropriate that we introduce how the rest of the world first got introduced to western angst and noisy teens before punk hit the nail on the head. As an added bonus, bands will be played from far away who are fuzzin’ hard in the present time. Kiara’s friend Alex Brown, who used to have a show on CKXU in Lethbridge AB, will be joining today also.
From last week’s country of focus, enjoy os Vigilantes from Puerto Rico.

Looking back at Earth

Watch yer back, Best-of lists are everywhere!  We are also shamelessly hawking the year that was — this week’s episode highlights our favorite discoveries of 2012, and (during the second hour) our favorite releases of the year.  But whereas most best-ofs systematically ignore almost all music made outside North America and Europe, we strive for a more balanced soundsplash.  There is great music being released all over the planet!  Listen for proof!  May the fragmentation of globally-inspired sounds continue to bring us closer together..

One of our favourite musicians and frequent guest on the program, this new video for Blocktreat’s ‘The Game of Poverty‘ is sublime kaleidoscopic wizardry for dreamers of all ages: