Plunge into the Jungle with MNGWA

The new music video by (my) freaky progressive Latin band MNGWA is an escape into the jungle of the mind. A psychedelic salsa groove sets the scene as our naive yet intrepid explorers hunt for the legendary mngwa of east-African folklore. Madness and a deluge of cats ensue !

Psicodelia Folklórica de Venezuela

La Gallera Social Club @ Vancouver Folk Festival

La Gallera Social Club @ Vancouver Folk Festival.  Twin brother attack!

La Gallera Social Club are one of the freshest bands to hit my ears and eyes in quite some time.  Incorporating many deep Afro-Latin rhythms from the Caribbean coast of Venezuela with the aesthetic of ’60s psych meets time-warped EDM.   Más bueno que comer con los dedos!!

Hear an exclusive interview with Alexis Romero, guitarist/vocalist of La Gallera Social Club, RIGHT HERE, por favor.

Introducing my bizarro cumbia band.. MNGWA!

Dear far out friends,

Even though posts on this site have been infrequent, the Wandering Rhythms weekly radio show has never missed a beat.  Recent trips through the soundscapes of North Korea, North Ireland, Dominican Republic, and the Cook Islands have kept me inspired in this weekly journey of ever-changing musicians.

But this is something personal, the project that has been my other musical obsession for the past two years.  This band is the embodiment of the music I like to play most on this show; a wild multicultural mashup of styles that never settle into a single rhythm.  We are nine musicians from Mexico, Russia, and Canada that play progressive latin music, jumping from dub to rock, funk to reggaeton, but always settling back into cumbia.  We are Mngwa, and we call our music Vancumbia.

Here is our first music video, shot entirely on Kingsway, home to many immigrant communities and also the oldest strip in Vancouver:

And here is our debut record, the first ever Wandering Rhythms production.

ABCs in the Caribbean

Just off the coast of Venezuela are 3 beautifully mixed-up islands… Aruba! Bonaire! Curacao!  Welcome to the land of fusion.. the Dutch Caribbean.

Willemstad, Curaçao: too darn cute for words

Willemstad, Curaçao: too darn cute for words

Far removed from the major-player Caribbean islands (and proudly outside of the hurricane belt), the ABC islands are small but full of technicolor goodness.  The culture (and homegrown language, Papiamento) is a mixture of Dutch, Portuguese, African, Spanish, Native Caribbean and English.  The Dutch brought legalized prostitution (you can call it Amsterdam of the tropics) and the rest brought groovy pan-Caribbean music, creating a local style called tumba.  Masha bon!

Hear the ABC Island soundsplash {{HERE}}