Embrace the Dark Synth Within

Tis the season of growing darkness ’round these parts, so let’s celebrate with strange and sinister sounds that go bump and bloop in the night.  Scary music is also strangely danceable, so feel free to move (or remove) your limbs as you get down to the sounds of Italian disco, doom cumbia, Kenyan vampiric dancehall, and vibrations of indescribable terror!

This Week Only!

Nic is gone to California baby…thus…..we party. I’m gonna be rebellious and not focus on a country. I will also do this out of sheer convenience because there’s a kids camp going on at the station this week… that I (Kiara) am a counsellor for. I started thinking yesterday about the stuff I loved doing as a kid… going to camp, games in the parachute, playing music and talking about it. Seems my life is complete. Enjoy the show.